I downloaded tinder as a joke and oh my god it is hilarious

I am finding so many people I know and I cannot handle their profiles and about me’s

Fucking cannot even deal

Got my period back

Getting healthy and kicking ass, hell yeah

I think women too often assume the role of being the weaker, the more insecure, the less independent and the more sacrificial of the two sexes.

I don’t think it’s always because women actively make the decision to assume this role. I think it comes somewhat subconsciously as a result of the expectations placed on girls from early childhood.

But we do need to stop it. We need to place more emphasis on encouraging females to be strong, successful, confident and independent because what the world really needs is strong women.

Strong women are indestructible. Strong women go on to change the current stage of things. Strong women indirectly encourage strength in others.

Successful, strong, independent and confident women are too easily labelled as being bossy, bitchy, sluts, vain or (the general population’s worst nightmare) a feminist. We’re taught to be terrified of being deemed undesirable but not taught that our worth is not dependent on our desirability.

These labels need to stop putting women off. We need to advocate our beliefs in our interactions with strangers, friends, teachers, classmates, children and family members. We really need to stop breaking each other down and encourage strength and positivity above all else. I refuse to assume the position of the weaker, more insecure, less independent, more sacrificial. I refuse because I’m worth a hell of a lot more than that.

Sometimes I’m seriously convinced that I’m actually more into girls just because of how difficult it is for me to not to be repulsed by most guys.