My grandma is the coolest. She’s kept all the little things I’ve given her over the years. Even the really lame, embarrassing things from when I was little. I feel so much love being in this house- it’s crazy.

I’m having one of the best body days ever and not because I’ve lost weight but because I’ve gained it

I think my body is cute and I think the cellulite around my thighs is cute and I especially think my butt is really, really cute

I can fill out clothes again and I have (kind of) cleavage and I have a bit of a bulging tummy but I love my body because I’ve really put it through a lot and it’s put up one hell of a fight

Thanks, body! I will treat you better from now on

Haven’t smoked weed in months and months and months.

I think to have a joint, make hot chocolate, curl up in bed and listen to Radiohead sounds like the nicest thing possible right now. I haven’t had time to just chill out in very long.

I’m really really uncomfortable around older men and I usually dislike them but I also only like older men