When you are an affluent-seeming white man and you ask for things that don’t belong to you, sometimes you’re not really asking. It’s sort like Bill Clinton asking Monica Lewinsky to have sex with him. There’s a context behind the asking.

When you ask a serviceperson for something that doesn’t belong to you, there is often a subtext of, “If I complain to your manager, you know your manager is going to listen to me. Just look at me, and look at you.”

And sometimes, of course, this is not the case at all, and you’re just being a garden-variety annoying customer. Or a bully.

If you seem to be “getting everything you want,” you should probably examine whether you’re getting it at someone’s expense, or whether you’re just constantly, in small ways, making the world worse. -

Jen Dziura, When “Life Hacking” Is Really White Privilege (via shitrichcollegekidssay)

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Today I am really thankful for my psychiatrist and psychologist

I’m really thankful to have two people who have genuine concern for my mental state who actively try to help me

My mind’s been running in circles today. I feel really strange and I’m trying to talk myself out of this. I need to get back on track.

I had a difficult night. Got an hour and a bit of sleep and now it’s school time

34 Excuses For Why We Failed At Love (Inspired by Warsan Shire):

  1. You were my own little American Dream
  2. I treated you with the same idealised perfection that the Americans treated capitalism in the 1920s with
  3. My dream was short-lived because of the unworthiness of its object
  4. You could never live up to the expectations in my head
  5. When the stockmarket crashed, it took the Americans one day to realise that their dream had been destroyed
  6. It took me two and half years to wake up from the dream that was you
  7. I thought love meant seeing people in things that aren’t them
  8. You were the sunrises and sunsets; the moon and stars; the person on the faces of strangers I walked past; the music and the lyrics; the novels and the poetry
  9. It took me long to realise I was seeing reflections of myself; not reflections of you
  10. I didn’t realise innocence is something you can lose countless times- over and over again
  11. I didn’t realise that once you’ve lost all the innocence there is to lose that nothing but a sense of acceptance remains
  12. I forgot that light casts shadows
  13. I forgot about the parts of your love that never saw the light
  14. I forgot that parasites are attracted to light
  15. I wanted to submerge you in my bloodstream to have you course through my veins
  16. I didn’t realise I was allowing my organs to be pumped full of toxins instead of oxygen
  17. You let me into your bed; I let you into my heart
  18. I failed to acknowledge that pain isn’t chronological
  19. You left me with open wounds, not paper cuts
  20. I was in love with your rain even when it threatened to drown me
  21. I allowed the foundations of my body to rot in your storm
  22. I tried to rebuild the foundations of my body using your bones and then never understood why I didn’t feel like I was at home
  23. I was praying to a god that didn’t exist
  24. I felt empty before you, after you, and during you
  25. I was consumed by the idea of not feeling empty
  26. I thought gasping for air all the time might allow me to breathe in traces of you
  27. I was so obsessed with the idea of breathing in that I forgot about the importance of breathing out
  28. There are other people in the world that will share 2am cigarettes with me
  29. I can’t let three syllables dictate my entire life
  30. I allowed myself to think that you planted seeds along my ribcage with your touch
  31. I forgot the flowers that bloomed would’ve already died six seasons ago
  32. I thought you could understand the parts of my soul that I never verbalised- heck, even I couldn’t understand those parts
  33. I was a scared child desperately clinging to a favourite sof toy but after a while we all have to face the dark, even if we’re terrified of it
  34. Your capacity to hate was much greater than your capacity to love wheras I was the opposite